Dagdrivarn Maine Coon Gallery

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Beka was had a lot of bad luck in her life, at first she got a urine infection, and it was coming back, after that she got a uterus infection and was neutered. A few months later her owners called and asked if it was normal that a neutered cat was in heat? And she was neutered once again, they missed some tissue. She was because of all the treatments and sicknesses really unstable and afraid of everything. She got severe problems with her temper, was peeing like crazy, we tried everything to get her to calm down, being alone, having a friend, a calm environment a lot of love all the time but she only got worse. We even tried Prozac for animals, that helped a little, little bit but not much when putting her on it for the second time (we tried to take her off it for a while), she attacked me twice, completely out of the blue. We decided to let her go, the same day she was going to the veterinarian go end her suffering, she all the sudden went completely friendly she went into the cage without hesitation. It was hard to let her go, but she did not have any life-quality, and she was never happy.