AristoCoons Piper
* 2004
† 2019
Piper was my second MCO, unfourtnantly she got degree 2 on her hip and was neutered. She is a heavy, beautiful girl and a real splasher. Water is her thing.
Piper lived with my oldest daughters biological father Magnus.

Dadrivarn Prince Mozez
Pedigree PICS
Female Date Males/Females Clones Web-site
Inseros'ens Pricilla 2008-10-11 0/1 28,0 % N/A
Maine Cat Honey 2008-10-26 2/0 30,2 % N/A
IsaRos Lynx Athena 2009-04-24 2/3 31,5 % Goa'uld
Dead: 2017-09-27
Lilleman lived with Martin and are burried beside his gransdon Whamsi!

Clones:35,7 %

Dagdrivarn Apophis
Pedigree PICS
Female Date Males/Females Clones Web-Site
Vawin's Dakota 2009-12-07 0/1 23,3 % Antelis
Magyl's Kiara 2009-01-03 2/1 33,4 % Magyls
Carpe Feline Xantosia 2010-10-04 2/5 21,5 % AdeHans
Maine Road's Juicy Lucy 2010-12-07 3/3 25,7 % MaineRoad's
Marinette's Candy 2009-03-26 4/1 27,7 % Uttryck
Dagdrivarn Madame Laika Melangé 2009-03-17 1/3 22,0 % Åbytravgymnasium2
Apophis got severehypoplasia caused by neutering-chip
He had a LOT of antibiotics, got well but his immunesystem was so low so he did get sick soon again and again and again. Martin who had him took the decition to give him peace! Martin tog beslutet att låta honom slippa mer.
He was befor this completely checked up no cancer no illness beside red throat and infection.


Dagdrivarn Chomolungma
Pedigree PICS
Female Date Males/Females Clones Web-site
Lynxarella's Estelle Milbourne 2007-05-06 1/0 33,5% Birajs
Jappcoon's Mazarin 2010-12-07 1/1 19,9 % Maine Road's
Björnvreten's Cordillera 2009-06-05 0/2 29,9 % Mainely Coon's
This is a chocking story, authopsy showed nothing wrong so it was nothing inherited. Sigge died on a show just minutes after veterinary-checkin.
Everything was normal at vet-check, we went to hour place start to do the curtains for the cage. Suddenly he sounds really irritated for a moment and then went silent again. My daughter says now he is just looking and well that sounded good. We finish and i tell Vio to move the transportationcage upp to the opening of the cage since he sounded like he was in a bad temper for the moment to let him out right into the cage. Sigge just flows out completely lifeless!
I feel that i scream... take him to the vet... but i was probably not that loud. We rush to the entrance where the vets are and i shout to them that we have a lifeless cat. The vet immediatly understands the severity of the situation and rushes towards us she just turns the cage upside down and pours out the cat out on the floor. She starts CPR but he is gone, it was nothing anyone could do he was gone!

We got wonderful, fantastic support from the arranging club!
Clones:24,4 %

Kins Simone
Pedigree PICS
Female Date Males/Females Clones Web-Site
Fransoserna 2009-03-17 3/2 12,6% 67
We lost Simone in a pregnancy that went completely wrong, over night she went from ok to dying. Vi went to the vet in a hurry when she in just a couple of hours over night gone from being ok to having undertemp 35 degrees. Ultrasound and X-ray showed that she had to dead kittens who caused a bloodinfection. Simone had c-section immediatly but her life could not be saved. I will never forgett the phonecall when the nurse called and told me: -We have a little girl her who does'nt want to wake up (for seconds i thougt that it would just take a couple of hours more before we could pick her up and get her home) then in next second she continues... -At the moment we have 3 veterinarians working on her doing everything they can. Then i realized my beautiful girl would not get home i knew she was lost. 15 minutes later the nurse calls again telling me that they lost her.

Mittklättens Krafla
Pedigree PICS
Female Date Males/Females Clones Web-Site
Isländsk Häxmästar 2008-03-04 2/2 23,2% 66
Andromeda 2007-09-02 0/3 18,7% ?
Singel-2 2006-09-29 1/0 35,7% 68
Singel-1 2006-04-27 1/0 35,7% 69
Krafla was my first MCO, after moving on from CRX. She become the ground for the cattery. Today i have one girl in the line after her, her grandgrandgrandgrandchild Mulan


Nedan minns vi de katter som skulle ha gått i avel men som inte fått någon kull. Och som vandrat över regnbågsbron i förtid.

Dagdrivarn Hoity Toity Face
Diva got the diagnos RCM at her second HCM ultrasound I suspect that the reason is her pneumonia she got from bordetella at 8 weeks of age. I will never know for sure.

Diva lives with Lucky Rockers, togheter with Lucky To Be Me from the Expression-litter. Diva passed away in March 2015, she was then 3,5 years old.


Dagdrivarn Beka Valentine
Pedigree PICS
Beka was daughter to Krafla and Henry and from my first outcross-litter.