Dagdrivarn Maine Coon Gallery

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I lost Simone in a pregnancy that went completely wrong, overnight she went from ok to die. I went to the vet in a hurry when Simone went from being ok to have a temp of only 35 degrees Celsius, in just a couple of hours overnight. The Ultrasound and X-ray showed me that she had two dead kittens who caused a blood infection. Simone had a c-section immediately, but her life could not be saved. I will never forget the phone call when the nurse called and told me: -We have a little girl here who doesn't like to wake up (for seconds I thought that it would be just a matter of time, a few more hours more before we could pick her up and get her home) then in next second she continues... -At the moment we have 3 veterinarians working on her doing everything they can. Then I realized my beautiful girl would not get home I knew she was lost. 15 minutes later the first call, the nurse calls again telling me that they lost her. She was just the most sweet loving, easy, girl you could imagin, love to be on her back in your lap. And when lifted she acted like the Ragdolls suppose to do, she just relaxed completely.