Dagdrivarn Maine Coon Gallery

Välkommen till mitt fotogalleri

Sigge's death was a complete chock, he lived in a foster home. In September we applied to a show, it was his foster-moms first show. We went through the veterinary-checkup and started to fix the exhibition cage. Suddenly he makes a growling noise like he's very angry, kind of, when Vio is about to lift him to the cage I'm telling her to put the carrier to the opening and let him walkout by himself instead of lifting him due to him sounding a bit mad. Well, she does this and the cat just slips out completely lifeless. I think I just yelled to her, to run to the veterinarians in the check-in. Closing in we shout to them that we got a lifeless cat, one of the veterinarian immediately realize the severity of the situation and just drop what she is doing and hurrying towards us, she takes us into a hallway just beside where we are and just turns the carrier and slips the cat out on the floor and start CPR. But Sigge is gone, he died only 10 minutes after the veterinary check-up. We got room to calm down in and the club holding the show was just fantastic in their support. A photographer there offered us to take a few last photos free of charge if we liked to, we did not do that but the gesture was just so sweet. A friend offered to take our stuff home so that we would not have to go into the exhibition room again, and we went directly home with him to put him somewhere cold so that we could send him in for an autopsy. The autopsy showed no signs of HCM and the cause of death was a circulatory collapse. No answer really his body just shut down, his heart just stopped.