Dagdrivarn HoochieCoochieMan
MyCatDNA Pedigree Pictures Picturepedigree
Female Date Males/Females Breeding Clones Web-site
Vassunda's Knäck 2020-07-05 3/0 None 17,3% Vassunda's
Bloomingtree TT'Lady Jane 2020-09-16 2/3 1 F 26,7% Trollungen
Ylletrollets Shanti 2020-12-20 1/2 1 F 15,4% Jaliin's
Kammahag's Carmensita 2021-01-09 0/5 1 F 23,5% Maravilloso
Vassunda's Knäck 2020-03-22 0/4 1 F 17,3% Vassunda's
Mannis lives in Kalmar at his fostermother Anna and will hopefully got to be father to some litters, if he passes the tests. He is supernice in temper, good size and substance. Beautifull pattern.
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Dagdrivarn Extra Evalia
MyCatDNA Pedigree PICS Picturepedigree
Litter Date Males/Females Clones Born day
Coffee 2020-05-28 0/4 13,7% 64
TravExpression1 2019-03-18 3/2 16,6% 62
Evalia is consider her clones a really beautiful typed girl. She got good size and gorgeous pattern on the few spots of color she does have in all the white.
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Sallow Glenn Girl
MyCatDNA Pedigree PICS Picturepedigree
Litter Date Males/Females Clones Born day
MorePonnies 2019-07-11 4/1 21,6% 69
Sally is a highsilver, i did change her to shaded, since she got only 1/3 color on tipping.
But she is quite dark so she is not a good shaded but i will see what she gives. Sally got a supernice temper and wonderful coatquality.
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Magyl Mulan
MyCatDNA Pedigree PICS Picturepedigree
Litter Date Males/Females Clones Born day
SuperMarioGalaxy 2019-04-03 4/2 24,1% 65
Mulan got no less then 9 of my old cats behind her, cats bought in for breeding as well as born here.
She is a supernice girl, good temper, nice coat quality and nice type.
Mulan is now living with Michelle
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MellyMoo MoMo Of-Ivys-Children
MCCats Pedigree PICS Picturepedigree
Litter Date Males/Females Clones Born day
Kallblod1 2019-01-30 2/2 17,5% 68
V3 2018-06-05 2/1 17,6% 69
Likör 2016-02-19 4/0 18% 68
Åbytrav-2 2015-03-25 3/1 25,1%% 67
Valentin 2014-02-14 3/1 18% 67
Melly came to me when i thought her aunt, who I saved from the litter, would'nt be pregnant. She is a good size female with ok bonestructure. She is a fabulus mother and look after her kittens without being overprotecting. She is all a breeder wish for, uncomplicated heats, uncomplicated deliverys, uncomplicted litter.
Melly is now retired and got neutered 2019-05-14, time to enjoy life.
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Softskins Tant Gulli Gullefjun
Litter Date Males/Females
CallMe 2016-10-14 1/3
Bumbi 2015-06-14 4/0
Kaidan 2014-12-31 0/1
My friend Cindy wanted me to have Tanten on "foder" since she needed someone experienced. I think the real reason was to get me to change breed to SPH, she is a rascal my dear friend. That did not work, though i had 4 litters after Cindy got her litter and from Tantens last litter a girl JeanPool moved to Cindy.

Tanten moved to Violetta and Zoey a much better home for her since she sincerly hate kittens.

Dagdrivarn Ana Kaidan
Litter Date Males/Females
Digital 2016-10-15 2/3
Kaidan was born without siblings, at that point i had only Tanten and Melly at home. The thought was to put the breeding to rest so she stayed. My daughter owned her. But she did not get the attention she deserved so she moved.

Kaidan is now living a happy life with three other Sphynxfriends.

Coonity Wild at Heart
Female Date Males/Females Breeding Clones Web-site
Magyls Georgette 2013-03-09 2/1 1 F 28,5% Magyls
MellyMoo MoMo Of-Ivys-Children 2014-02-14 3/1 None 23,4% DagensDubbel
Pearlcoons Jasmin 2015-09-25 1/4 None 30,4% Pearlcoons
MellyMoo MoMo Of-Ivys-Children 2011-11-26 0/2 1 M 18,6% DagensDubbel
I got a phonecall from Ulrike in Austria, she had a browntickedtabby male avalible! I fell in love i just had to have him and what a boy then, big, heavyboned, beautiful. A temper like a big sweet teddybear. Wille was complete until 6 years of age and was behaving like a charm, would'nt know he was complete.
Willie lives with hes former "fodervärdar" in Kungsbacka.

Dagdrivarn Madame Laïka Melangé
Litter Date Males/Femals Clones Born day
Åbytravgymnasium 2012-10-27 1/3 22% 67
Simoni 2012-03-28 1/3 18,6% 66
Dagensdubbel 2011-11-26 0/2 18,6% 66
My beautiful Laïka, from the moment she was born i know she would stay!
I had Sandra Of-Ivys-Children, on messenger and phone during birth.
She was hoping for a female and lucky for us we got to females in the litter so we got one each.

Laïka moved as a neuter to my workcollege Daniel, where she now live a fabulus life.


Lindevoll's Kentucky
Female Date Males/Females Breeding Cloner Web-site
Gimlets Himalaya 2010-03-20 1/4 1 M 24,9% To'kra
Veleros Dixie 2010-05-12 3/1 None 23,4% Medalbys
Tojo Polaris Pearl Bailey 2011-11-21 4/1 None 30,8% ValleyRivers
Dagdrivarn Laïka Melange 2011-11-26 0/2 None 18,6% DagensDubbel
Lönnekattens Lina 2012-01-30 1/1 None 25,6% Ladys Mantle
Dagdrivarn Laïka Melange 2012-03-28 1/3 None 18,6% Simoni
Kenny is a heavy boy, who given som really nice offsprings.
Unfourtnantly he was marking territory like a sprinkler which made it very hard to keep him complete during a longer time.

Kenny is living Simone and her family.


Gimlets Himalaya
Litter Date Males/Femals Clones Born day
To'kra 2010-03-20 1/4 24,9% 67
Topparna 2008-08-26 5/0 25,5% ?
How Maya came to me is a long story, she was then 3 years old. It was a wildcat who came, all handling needed workgloves. As soon as you got her she was completely still and nice almost paralysed. It took me 6 month to gain her trust to be handled by me and my family. Slowly she learned to trust us and got used to familylife. Maya got to move after she had to litters and became a neutered, she did not work togheter with complete females and really hated complete males.
Maya is now living with Linnea as a single cat, she have a wonderful life and is really loved. She will be 15 this year.


Isaros Lynx Athena
Litter Date Males/Femals M/F in Breeding Clones Born day
Goa'uld 2009-04-24 1/4 1 M 31,5% ?
Athena was N/HCM so i got just one litter of her and continued with two offsprings. Hathor had to be neutered and Apophis went into breeding and got several beautiful offsprings.
Athena lives with a family and enjoying life as a neuter.

Marinette's Candy
Litter Date Males/Females Breeding Clones Born day
Turbo 2013-12-27 4/3 None 21,8% ?
Uttryck 2012-08-07 1/4 None 27,7% 63
Candy came from Christelle in Sundsvall, she came to me as an adult and got two litters here. She have been given very nice offsprings.

Candy is now enjoying life as a companion with a family


Below is the cat who got neutered without having any litter. Being a breeder is not always a dance on the roses (as we say in sweden) and many times is the disappointment big. A cat you hoped for and believed in is forced to be neutered for one or another reason.

Pearlcoons Akiva
Akiva was rehomed to my daughter Michaela when the previous owners rehomed him. He is a fantastic boy, and is one of the very few gigants today. I think they where bigger 10 years ago then today. Akiva is son to Willie who came to me from Coonity, he is also a rather large boy.


Struve's Clara Schumann
Clara kom till mig efter att Pigalle hade fått HCM. Tyvärr fick hon 2:a på ena höften och blev kastrat. En väldigt vacker o härlig tjej.
Clara bor hos Martin och skäms bort nåt enormt.

I chosed to save Hathor from the litter i had with Lilleman and Athena she went to a family as "fodervärd". The plan was to take a litter before i gave her to them for breeding in their cattery. Unfourtnantly Hathor developed a spitcyst (not sure about the english word) which was emptied several times. But it did not work and it came back so we decided to let her be neuered.
Hathor lives whit Annika and her family.

Struves Pigalle
Pigalle my beautiful danish boy with the wonderful green eyes and the warm almost golden color. Pigalle got Equivocal at first HCM UL, at the 2:nd it was status que. We thought he would be ok at third, Torkel thought so, so i kept him complete since he behaved like a charm. Well at third UL, we did have status que on the heart but he had developed a blowsound and got diagnos Mild HCM. Pigall got neutered.
Pigalle lives with Daijna just a couple of blocks from here.

Manitou Triton
Triton is a realy heavy nice boned boy. He got neutered since he had HD.
Triton lives with Viktoria.

Acrobat's Silvia Silverstrimma
Silvia got neutered without litter since she got the diagnos transitional verterbra from Audell as other diagnos. The impact on a female during pregnancy is unknown. So i decided not to take the risk with her. Silvia is a pretty small girl with a large personality and beautiful smoke.
Silvia lives with Anna together with Romy from the Andromeda-litter.