Well I thought I would write a prestentation for those who want to know more about me.
I bought my first Cornish Rex for breeding in 1995, and had him for two years before i 1997 bought my first female.
At the age of 25 i registered Dagdrivarn in SVERAK and started a long journey, at that time i had absolutely no idea, that i would be here doing same thing 20 years later.
In 2004 my CRX was retired and i was looking for a challenge a new breed, it was eighter Maine Coon or Sibiran, well rest is history. The Maine coon came into my life.

From beginning I have been active and learning, and learning and learning.

I breed mostly outcross, but do have some litters that cannot count as an outcross.
I'm testing all my cats inside the healthprogram for HD and HCM and try to encourage others to do so as well.
I have recently discovered MyCatDNA, which is a fantastic tool for breeders.

Now I'm involved in a lot of activities regarding cats.

I do seminars about a lot of different topics:
* The Healthprogram
* Outcross and Foundation
* The history of the Clones
* Breeding for beginners
* Color Genetics

I do mentoring new breeders, a lot of them actually.

I have started a page called MaineCoonEducation.
I just about to start up a new WCF club here in Sweden but we are not there yet.

I'm also involved in Pawpeds:
* I take care of MCHS - MaineCoonHeritageSite
*The Outcrosslist
* And I put in the SPH-pedigrees from the Healthprogram
* And I'm also the Translation Coordinator.
* Earlier I was HD-registrator for the healthprogram, I did this for 7 years

Beside the cats i do actually work also, believe it or not.
My "real" work is a IT-technichian. Well not much more to say i would love to do even more but i just dont have the time.