MellyMoo MoMo Of-Ivys-Children
Nickname: Melly
Color: Blacksilver mackerel tabby Van (ns 01 23)
Clones: 1,0%
COI: 4,13%
Genetic Diversity: 37%
Gene code: oo A- Dd Ii wbwb Mcmc
Whitespot: KIT: Yes
Bloodgroup: A
Pedigree Pictures Picturepedigree
Litter Date Males/Females Clones Born day
Kallblod1 2019-01-30 2/2 17,5% 68
V3 2018-06-05 2/1 17,6% 69
Likör 2016-02-19 4/0 18% 68
Åbytrav-2 2015-03-25 3/1 25,1%% 67
Valentin 2014-02-14 3/1 18% 67

Melly came to me when i thought her aunt, who I saved from the litter, would'nt be pregnant. She is a good size female with ok bonestructure. She is a fabulus mother and look after her kittens without being overprotecting. She is all a breeder wish for, uncomplicated heats, uncomplicated deliverys, uncomplicted litter.
Melly is now retired and got neutered 2019-05-14, time to enjoy life.

Pearlcoons Akiva
Nickname: Kivi/Akiva
Color: Blue (a)
Clones: 30,4%
COI: 10,1%
Genetic Diversity: ?%
Gene code: oo aa dd ii
Whitespot: KIT: N/N
Bloodgroup: ?

Akiva was rehomed to my daughter Michaela when the previous owners rehomed him. He is a fantastic boy, and is one of the very few gigants today. I think they where bigger 15 years ago then they are today. Akiva is son to Willie who came to me from Coonity, he is also a rather large boy.


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