Sales Conditions
I do not ship!
You are welcom to pick up your kitten, or I might be able to deliver at your expense.

Kittens with breedingrights:
· Are sold only to registered breeders.
· To breeders who test for HD, within the Health Program at PawPeds (Outside might in some cases be ok with me)
· To breeders who test for HCM (Screening), if possible within the Health Program at PawPeds
· To breeders who will work for genetic diversity.

· Breedingprice: €1800

I work mostly with outcross, I try to make sure to have a high genetic diversity.
Health is also very important and I test for HCM regularly according to health program, I test for HD before first mating.
Most my cats used in breeding are tested with MyCatDNA.
Beside above temper is really important and I'm very picky when it comes to temper.

My cats are living with me as family, the apartement of 115 kvm is separated in two equal parts.
The boys sleep with me at night in my bedroom, got the guestroom another extra smaller room, a long hallway and the bathroom.
The girls got my attention during daytime, they got the kitchen, livingroom, dining area and an extra room also used as a bit of an officespace.
The two parts of the appartement got two openings one regular door to the kitchen and between the hallway and livingroom there is a plexiglas screendoor.

Here are some pictures from my home: To the album!
There are a lot of pictures from different years in there, I thought I would update with more photos to give a better view,
but there are also a lot of pictures in all the other albums, that shows the life of my cats.
Price includes:
Rabiesvaccination, Passport and extended stay.
All kittens will be followed by:
· Registration and Pedigree in FGK
· Will be vaccinated twice
· Will have a veterinary-checkup not older then 7 days at delivery
· ID:d with microchip
· A contract signed by both parts
· All kittens will allready be added to PawPeds at delivery